Playing the brain for a change!

Play The Brain For Change by Dr Elizabeth Michas

Play the Brain for Change Introductory Online Self-Study Course

Discover the secret ingredients for having brain-changing conversations. In this introductory level course, get qualified to begin using Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) with your clients right away to accelerate brain-based healing and transformation.

You will learn specifics on how to explain the brain to clients, target brain-based problems for resolution, use Play the Brain for Change interventions to direct neuroplasticity, rewire and update prior learning and memories.

As a bonus participants can immediately download Dr. Michas’ new ebook Play The Brain For Change: How to Activate the Vagus Nerve and Use Neuroplasticity for Quick and Lasting Change right from your order receipt.

Listen to five, one-hour teaching calls that cover all the steps in this neuroplastic healing system.

Join in the revolution to transform trauma treatment, end emotional pain for good, and get your clients to resolution. Don’t get left behind using outdated theories or techniques that make clients worse, so they stop coming for treatment, and feel they are hopeless.

Start integrating into clinical practice what the newest brain science says works. You’ll get the keys to a brain-changing conversation for enhancing both integration and rapidly ending emotional pain.

-Bring effectiveness with your clients to the next level so they leave sessions smiling and feeling satisfied and much better than when they walked in.

-Acquire skills you can use immediately.

-Enhance your credibility so that clients tell others about you and want to see you.

-Discover the benefits of using simple brain science in sessions.

-Check-out new possibilities for rapid, transformational change using memory reconsolidation.

– Boost your competence and confidence in using experiential rapid change processes.

Works great with other therapies such as EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and many more!

Earn 5 hours toward your Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) certification and 5 CE credits after listening to the recordings and passing the post-test (through Mindworks Psychology, LLC).



Play the Brain for Change Introductory Online Self-Study Course from MindWorks Psychology featuring Dr. Elizabeth Michas presenting the Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) brain-changing conversation guide for therapists and the Brain as an Organ of Change and Transformation system. As a bonus participants can immediately download Dr. Michas’ new book Play The Brain For Change: How to Activate the Vagus Nerve and Use Neuroplasticity for Quick and Lasting Change.

Download the new book full of stories and case studies to read at your leisure before the course begins. Then receive an introduction to the Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) a neuropsychologically-informed change system that’s effective and user-friendly. The Play the Brain for Change book and teleconference course provides an overview of the benefits of using Neuroscience in psychotherapy featuring some evidence-based steps for promoting brain change. Learn a simple and practical way to explain the Whole Brain (TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM) to clients and harness neuroplasticity skills of Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®). You’ll obtain ways to influence rewire the brain and nervous system in your work as a psychotherapist for more rapid, deeper, and lasting change in your clients.

MindWorks Psychology training emphasize using neuroscience to intervene on emotional pain with methods that you can take away and start doing immediately. Dr. Michas has been using this neuropsychologically-informed Emotional Pain Intervention approach with evidenced-based skills training methods such as CBT, ACT, DBT and with transformational change methods such as hypnosis, NLP, RRT, and ART to create fast and lasting change. You will learn integrative practical tools for being intentionally brain interventional, that you can use with your clients and in your personal life. Yes, you can do it now, learn to stop emotional pain.

In this introductory level course, you’ll get skilled in how to assess and reset automatic primitive emotional-action systems with key interventions to promote optimal brain and nervous system functioning. This self-study will illuminate some of the “magic” of brain and life-changing power therapies as it relates to clearing traumatic impressions, troubling emotions and trauma-based meanings and/or schemas. If already using brain science in psychotherapy, you’ll get more practical application tools emphasizing neuroscience principles such as therapist-directed neuroplasticity and memory reconsolidation to erase the emotional pain attached to memories.

Now learn EMOTIONAL PAIN INTERVENTION (EPI®) and be brain-based in sessions without traveling to Florida.

Learn from the audio demonstrations of the specifics on what to say to clients regarding the TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM Brain and Nervous System. Receive a copy of the newly updated Brain as an Organ of Change visual graphic to handout to clients and the EPI® BOTTOM Brain RESET Card. Step by step instruction via scripts for integrating the Explain the Whole Brain (TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM) Talk and Playing the Brain experiences into your sessions are provided.

“I love the understanding of how the different parts of the brain work, what activates what, and how to explain thoughts, feelings and sensations, etc. to clients while addressing the bottom brain experientially.” – Naomi Morgan, LMHC, Destin, FL

Check out this convenient, economical, introductory offer to receive training from the comfort of your home, for how to include the brain in the change conversations you’re having with clients. Start using Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) to target the whole brain for change. 


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