Playing the brain for a change!


Resolve Trauma with whole brain-based integrative psychotherapy approach.

So, if you are wondering things such as:

  • Why do I have this anxiety, anger, guilt, fear or flashbacks?
  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Am I going crazy?
  • How can I be okay when what was done to me was not okay?
  • How come I cannot be happy in relationships and/or comfortable having sex?
  • Will I ever feel interested, excited or joyous about what I am doing on any given day?

I cannot only give you answers, we can take care of those concerns once and for all. I use whole brain-based integrative psychotherapy approach where you will get educated on how the brain works and processes information both the intellectual rational part of the brain, as well as the emotional primitive part of the brain. You will learn where emotions come from, and how the brain processes information such as thought, emotion, sensation and deals with different types of memory. These educational methods are shared with you in a way to offer direct suggestions to the emotional brain and give you tools and techniques to use that will return your nervous system to operating optimally in the present and you will gain skill in use of high level brain functions like imagination, focused attention, time-orientation, intention and relaxation to shift out of troubling emotional states. In summary, you’ll learn to run your emotional brain so that it no longer runs you.

Neuroscience Update For Trauma Focused Psychotherapy and Treatment of PTSD

What most psychotherapists don’t yet realize is that there are key steps to take to clear and resolve trauma. So, if you’ve been in therapy, that doesn’t mean you updated the brain around this trauma. I have been researching, writing and training other therapists on the neuroscience of trauma resolution and how to effectively incorporate more rapid trauma resolution techniques. I’m excited to be sharing the revolutionary brain-based discoveries that have transformed the paradigm of change for psychotherapists to resolve trauma.

The good news is because of a brain science breakthrough in 2009 called Memory Reconsolidation, trauma memories can be taken care of once and for all. Yes, that previously traumatic stuff does not have to continue to cast a shadow or have an ongoing emotional or action effect on you or the way that you live your life. While it is quite normal for catastrophic events to elicit a stress response and fuel the body with chemicals that will make it stronger and more able to survive, there are emotional pain interventions that we can do now to get you clear and calm. So, your brain working in the way that you would consider optimal. We can achieve this because neuroscience has provided us with a new understanding of the brain’s natural capacity to update and heal from once very emotionally charged events.