Playing the brain for a change!

Dr. Elizabeth Michas Group Training
Dr. Elizabeth Michas Group Training

“Thank you for all your help. I’m responding quite well. I’m picking healthy food with ease and able to manage bottom brain urges quite well. It’s really transformational in terms of my behavior.”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for Binge Eating

“I was a patient of yours last year due to a MVA. I would like to thank you for helping me overcome the driving anxiety. Your therapy was so helpful and a success!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for Anxiety/PTSD

“Just a quick note to let you know how I am doing. GREAT!!!! I have not felt this good in a very long time. I wake up in the morning with a purpose. A clear mind ready to tackle the days challenges. It is truly great to be back in control of my everyday feelings. From the time I left your office, alcohol has not been part of my life.”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for Alcohol Use Disorder

Dr. Elizabeth, Thanks you so very much for saving my life. If I had not found you there is no tell how miserable my life would have been. You are without question the BEST OF THE BEST!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for Alcoholism

“Thank-you for helping me get rid of old fears and nightmares!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for PTSD

“I feel I didn’t fully express my feeling to you with the thank-you card so I will try to be more precise. I have thought about it for the past two days reliving it in my mind trying to actually recapture the feeling of release and calmness I felt over finally letting the sexual assault be gone from my thoughts. I have even tried to visualize it again, but all I got was the couch, the bathroom the bedroom, THE PAST. The attack is gone. I know it happened. But, I now no longer have the vision of it, so to me it’s over and I’m a survivor!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for PTSD

“I have to admit I was a little anxious about the new technique of Rapid Resolution Therapy because I really didn’t know how after all these many years and hours of therapy, hospitalization and medication this could work in a matter of minutes. Walking in your office and seeing how bright an comfortable it was put me at ease quickly and then we started the getting to know each other you spoke and I felt the difference in your approach to a patient and the many professionals I have seen in the past 18 years. There was the constant eye contact with me. The leaning forward towards me that made me feel like you were really interested in my situation and not looking at the clock waiting for the session to end. I gained a better understanding of my thought process vs. my emotional process, something that has never been fully explained to me in all my years in therapy.”

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT®) for PTSD

“I felt more engaged with you than any other therapist I have ever had. Maybe it’s the RRT vs. CBT. I don’t know, but I could and can tell the difference. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to come out of that place with the rock and chilled water. I felt at peace there unlike never before! Thanks again for your valuable help and the vision of our session will stay with me.”

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT®) for PTSD

“Thanks so much for taking my case on. I know you are busy and I can see why now, you are an excellent therapist who is passionate about her patients.”

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT®) for PTSD

“In what seemed like 5 minutes you cleaned out the whole channel from 10 months old to 69 years old with a non-stop series of big T traumas. I am so grateful. Any psychotherapist I tried did nothing. This is the fastest way to reset the nervous system. As a therapist I have been doing Rapid Trauma Resolution for other people. Not like this. I was unable to do it myself and I had tried everything. Thank-you for healing me and resetting my parasympathetic nervous system!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for PTSD with Dissociation

“I just wanted to thank-you for seeing my family member. She described her time with you as life changing!”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for PTSD

“You’re awesome Elizabeth, thank-you so much a very interesting conversation- mind opening- I’m glad I got clear.”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for Heartbreak

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter had a 3.7 grade point average this year and has been accepted into FSU. Thank-you for making this happen—you’re brilliant! (EPI®)

Emotional Pain Intervention for Anxiety/for Academic Testing


Attached is my brief write-up of my experience with your EPI guided therapy. I hope that it will be of use to you and that it is clear and concise. It is the least I can do to repay you for the amazing transformation you helped me achieve.

“I would describe my mindset, when initially walking into my meeting with Dr. Elizabeth Michas, as skeptical, but not hesitant. I thought that if the results of her Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) could be as positive and remarkable in my life as I had heard they could be, then I was absolutely open and willing to give it a try.”

“I had reached my wits end (and so had my friends and family). There was no more rationalizing my behavior to everyone, no more justifying it to myself. I knew my actions had become self-destructive and self-defeating. Every weekend was the same thing, the sober me was, once again, sorry for getting too drunk the night before and going home with a creepy stranger – behavior that my friends had expressed concern and frustration about repeatedly, “there’s no stopping you when you get drunk, none of us can help you, it’s like you don’t even want us to!” It was impossible for me to explain to them that I wasn’t choosing to do these things. They could never understand that my “out-of-character” behavior and actions were things I never wanted to do, nor were they even conscious decisions at all… to me, it all felt more like a compulsive instinct rather than a series of poor, drunken decisions. We all knew that my having been raped at 16 years old had something to do with my actions now, but everyone was tired of that excuse, I was tired of that excuse.”

“Dr. Michas has helped me understand the truth: my behavior had nothing to do with self-control, and yet, it had everything to do with self-control. As human beings, only about 5-9% of our brain is consciously accessed and used, the rest (over 90%) operates on its own. The work that Dr. Michas did with me was truly amazing. She taught me so many things about the brain, most importantly was the power that the primitive part of the brain holds over the rest of our brain. This primal part of the brain has to do with our instinctual habits, specifically “the fight/flight/freeze reactions,” as well as any coping methods that develop from those reactions in the wake of traumatic events. So, here’s what this information meant in terms of my life:

When I was raped at 16 years old, I had a “flight” reaction. This survival instinct didn’t come from a conscious place; rather, it was my primitive brain’s natural predisposition (aka not my choice) that determined the “flight.” Then as a result of the traumatic experience, the same part of my brain developed a coping method that was actually strange and destructive, not helpful. I repeatedly put myself in similar threatening situations, even though my conscious brain told me not to do so. My primitive brain was registering these dangerous, risky, harmful actions as “fun, appealing, right, positive, and necessary.”

“When Dr. Michas explained to me thoroughly what was going on inside of my brain that made me do these things I didn’t consciously choose to do, I felt an unbelievable sense of relief. I remember interrupting her saying, “Oh my gosh, I’m not crazy!” I almost started crying because it just felt so good to finally have validation that I really didn’t have control in the matter.”

“I found so much joy in that moment – for the first time, I was overwhelmed with this indescribable sense of shamelessness, there were things at work that I could not have changed or controlled or done anything differently. I felt so much relief in a revelation having to do with my “lack of control” in the matter, which is extremely ironic because the more amazing and joyful moment came shortly after, when Dr. Michas helped me take back the control over my brain, by reprogramming it to register those negative behaviors for what they truly were: “dangerous, harmful, risky, unpleasant, AND no longer an option.”

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) for PTSD with Substance Use Disorder

“Dr. Michas has created a model that joins the science of the brain with common curative factors in psychotherapy. After training with her I’m confident that I can be effective in eliminating emotional pain.”

Melinda Paige, Ph.D., LMHC, LPC, CPCS, NCC, Atlanta, Georgia

“A must attend training for any clinician who wants to impact positive and lasting change in how their clients feel and think. Their clients can understand what actually causes stress/distress, so self-blame can be significantly reduced or eliminated all together.”

Sophia Greiner, LCSW, CAP, ICADC, Spring Hill, Florida

“Dr. Michas presents a heuristic model that uses neuroscience to explain the critical role of emotions upon behavior and memories. She cleverly models the techniques throughout the workshop ensuring that participants stay calm, clear and connected. By using a “See-One, Do-One, Teach-One” approach, practitioners leave with the confidence of not only understanding the model but be able to practice it immediately with their patients.”

Timothy J. Aycock, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Georgia

“The presentation is well organized and fills a much-needed gap between understanding theories and what we do in practice. Love the idea of incorporating this Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) framework with what we already know.”

Carole Lovell, PsyD, LCSW, Cookeville, Tennessee

“With my seven years of advanced training in trauma work, Elizabeth’s presentation The Neuroscience Keys to Transforming Trauma established a clear, research based framework and biological science understanding of the process I have been using all these years.”

Kathleen Gierhart. LMHC, CAP, RTR, Gainesville, Florida

“Elizabeth solidified the therapy process with her Emotional Pain Intervention(EPI®) framework, starting with Jaak Panksepp’s Affective Neuroscience research on emotional networks through combining eclectic therapies to effect transformational brain change. And simplified the necessary psychotherapy factors, utilizing brain science.”

Mae Young. EdS, LPC, Memphis, Tennessee

“I am so much clearer as a therapist as what and how to be transformational in my work. Ever since I worked with Elizabeth in a small group experience at Rapid Resolution Therapy(RRT) Level 3 advanced training, I have been excited about training with her. She has encouraged, explained and clarified transformational therapy into a useful tangible interventional model that allows me to use all I have learned before to be powerfully effective. I have been to 3 trainings and plan on many more. The location on the beach is amazing and well worth effort.”

Sheila McKeon, MA, LPC, North Carolina

“Dr. Michas is a talented and compassionate teacher. Her course is not only valuable to the practitioner’s knowledge but has immediate benefits for clients. She is able to combine very practical tips with a profound understanding of the underlying neuroscience. I can hardly wait to help my clients stop smoking and get some sleep!”

Carol Hayes, ClearMind, LLC, Savannah, Georgia

“Dr. Michas is extremely knowledgeable in the area of brain-based therapy approaches. Her concept of “playing the brain” is powerful, understandable, and useful. I am confident I will be utilizing her Emotional Pain Intervention with clients in the near future. This training has left me with a strong desire to attend more of her offerings in the near future. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights.”

Debbie Hoeffner, LCSW, Fort Pierce, Florida

“The EPI training provided the latest research on neuroscience and provided more understanding about how the brain works and the use of the whole brain.”

Pamela A Earl, LMHC, Venice, Florida

“This training was very well researched and informative. It provided a frame-work which I can practically use in working with a wide range of clients. Thank you for rekindling my interest in improving my therapeutic skills.”

Barbara Keown, PhD LPC Auburn, Alabama

“I found the EPI conceptual model very useful it helped me integrate things that I learned from various sources over the years. EPI is an excellent roadmap to effective therapy!”

David D. Yaeger, Ph.D., Atlanta, Georgia

“Amazing, clear, concise presentation easy to follow and use right away.”

Jean Griffis, Ph.D., Montgomery Village, Maryland

“I love the understanding of how the different parts of the brain work, what activates what, and how to explain thoughts, feelings and sensations, etc. to clients while addressing the bottom brain experientially.”

Naomi Morgan, LMHC, Destin, Florida

“I think it’s very helpful to understand the brain-based science behind thoughts, emotions, or feelings when presented in such a clear understandable manner. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.”

Radford McGrath, LMFT, LMHC, NCC

“I appreciate and I’m excited about the simplicity of the theory of the brain as contrasted with many the past trainings I attended at my school where a speaker was brought in and it was so complicated I was discouraged to use neuroscience in therapy. Dr. Elizabeth Michas’ model is easy-to-understand and practical. I value how it interacts with other interventions. It is “cutting-edge” brain science.”

Diane Monteleone-Mastro, LMHC, NCC, Roswell, Georgia

“What a fantastic training! It was packed full of useful information and the training venue was comfortable, enjoyable and had the best view of any training I’ve ever attended.”

Rita Young, LMHC, Tampa, Florida

“A delightful experience of learning in a supportive environment.”

Timothy J. Aycock PhD, Fayetteville, Georgia