Playing the brain for a change!


Are you struggling with heartbreak after your breakup?

Can’t stop thinking of your ex?

Have you tried going to therapy only to leave more confused and stuck on the break-up? 

Do you want to avoid making the physical and emotional pain of relationship loss worse?

Your brain might be holding you back, and keeping you stuck in pain and

Use the EPI brain-change system after a breakup so you can feel better fast, heal
your heart, and get your brain optimized for love!

Heartbreak is an emotional, physiological response to relationship disruption or loss. You know that feeling, when that one person you thought was the one for you decides he/she wants to end things. I won’t go into all the details about your intense emotions, how your chest feels, like going it’s to explode, you can’t sleep at night, you cry at the slightest provocation or seem to be obsessively thinking about your ex every minute of everyday.

Neuroscience provides exciting new information on what happens in your brain after you get your heartbroken. I’ve developed a way to use this new brain science to rapidly intervene on the emotional pain of heartbreak. You will begin by learning that the experience of romantic love, and rejection activates primitive/emotional brain circuits for PANIC-GRIEF. With a brain-based approach, I have taught psychotherapists in my workshops the Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI)® to be more skilled in educating clients about break-ups, knowing what there is to do from a neuroscience stand point and facilitating breakthroughs with clinical interventions that reach and update the emotional primitive brain systems.

Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) uses neuroscience to heal Heartbreak.

I’ve developed Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) as a framework for using new brain science breakthroughs to rapidly move clients through break-ups by facilitating transformational brain change. I’ve been using the integrative, rapid change interventions for over 20 years with hundreds of clients and teaching workshops for psychotherapists on how to effectively intervene when treating Heartbreak.

Can painful memories of a lost relationship be cleared so people could get on with living and even loving, no longer haunted by memories of relationships past?

When you hear things like it is important to grieve or it should take this long to get over a relationship that was that long, I’m reminded that you don’t want to install any bias as to how long it should take. It takes as long as it takes to find there’s no more pain or heartbreak–the methods I use are quick, painless, and complete. I utilize integrative therapy interventions, guided by neuroscience, and specific common psychotherapy factors to maximize brain change work.

I’m now bringing new Brain-based Coaching and online course solutions for those who are Lovestuck™.

The good news is you indeed will survive a broken heart, in fact in time, the pain will diminish but we can speed it up. It’s not this breakup stuff that’s causing you to break down, it’s actually more likely that it’s something about how you brain has been processing information related to the break-up experience.

What neuroscience clearly demonstrates is that when emotional brain is activated, most of the blood flow is moving away from the frontal lobe where reason and logic and language reside. Most of your brain works fine, it was affected by the breakup stuff, is continuing to have an effect on thinking, feeling and/or responding. While it’s normal to have emotional response to perceived loss, this response can be adjusted to work more to your advantage. Yes, for you – feeling free, clear, calm, joyful and even moving on to find new interesting and possible stuff to love more fully and completely is just temporarily blocked. No anatomical parts are broken, it’s just a temporary processing error. Everything we need is right here, just waiting to be restructured and optimized for you. Freedom to move on or let go comes from understanding how the mind works, and the structure of heartbreak.

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