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Are you looking for a way to stop anxiety or panic attacks?

Do you need to free yourself from disordered eating or compulsive over-eating?

Are you concerned that aspects of your life seem out of control because of painful emotions, destructive or self-defeating habits?

Did you experience a traumatic event, recently or decades ago, that continues to produce intense, painful emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, or sorrow?

Are you looking for a way to eliminate the painful effects of heartbreak, betrayal, obsession and to get it resolved once and for all, so you can move on with your life?

Left unresolved, troubling emotions related to prior events contribute to anxiety, panic, eating and depressive disorders, relationship difficulties, addictions, and somatic symptoms like body pain.

Past traumatization interferes with good self-care such as balanced, mindful, regulated eating, regular exercise and stress reduction to maintain a healthy, ideal mind and body.

The good news is that it can be healed with an approach Dr. Michas uses that often gets results more rapidly by utilizing a whole brain therapy.

Dr. Michas specializes in a therapeutic approach designed to clear trauma by removing the devastating emotional effects of prior events including:

  • childhood abuse: verbal, physical, or sexual
  • date rape and other types of sexual assault
  • domestic violence
  • relationship losses and heartbreak
  • PTSD
  • war and combat trauma
  • car accidents
  • problematic medical procedures or surgeries
  • natural disasters
  • sudden or accidental death of a loved one

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Monday & Friday appointments by special reservation to accommodate extended session formats of Rapid Resolution Therapy and Advanced Clinical Hypnosis.

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