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Brain-Changing Conversations Teleconference


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If you’re currently enrolled in one of the CE self-study courses in Brain-based Hypnotherapy or Emotional Pain Intervention, then this weekly call is your opportunity to connect with the course creator, ask questions and engage with a like-minded community.

Dr. Elizabeth and other certified practitioners are here to help you become an effective Brain-based Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Transformational Healer.

10 Week Group Coaching/Consulting Call for Psychotherapists

Those who obtain ongoing consultation after taking certification or training courses report greater success.

Are you watching clients in chronic emotional pain and feeling powerless to help?

With reframes you can do more than standby and accompany them, you can guide the processes that accelerate healing and transform chronic physical or emotional pain, anxiety, depression, guilt, compulsions, heartbreak, and trauma.

Did you know if you can explain someone’s problem better than they can, they will automatically attribute you as having the solution?

In this teleconference you’ll:

  • Discover how Change Language is essential to create quick and lasting change in what clients are feeling, thinking and doing.
  • Empower yourself with language as a clinical conversational tool to help your clients get free of unconscious patterns.
  • Know you can do more than validate, reflect and sit there with clients instead lead and inspire change.
  • Discover Whole Brain Alliances that will facilitate Brain to Brain Neuroplastic Healing experiences
  • Clarify and resolve any conflicts blocking transformation
  • Reframe problems for change
  • Use language for intervention
  • Explore the use of symbolic communication

Features the magical language of great hypnotists and transformers, such as Milton Erickson, NLP developers Bandler & Grinder, David Grove, Steven Hayes, and other masters of change language.

Effectively use Suggestions, Story-telling, Metaphors, and Inductions to change the brain and transform lives.


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