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Suffering Heartbreak? Discover Brain-based Solutions

Brain-Based Coaching With Dr. Elizabeth Michas

Almost everyone has stress, major life issues or problems where they benefit from someone trained to help them identify and reach certain life goals for their education, career, relationships or physical health. Life coaching is very popular methods for seeking an expert to resolve major life issues, or help to get your life moving in the right direction.

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Are You Committing Neuroplastic Malpractice?

Or are you reaching your client’s whole brain in sessions?

Take the Play the Brain Quiz to find out.

Brain-Based Hypnotherapy Basics Online Training (25CEs)

See and experience how and why integrative tools such as hypnotherapy boost therapy efficacy by as much as 70%.

You can begin integrating these brain-based methods into sessions immediately to maximize evidence-based results, satisfied clients, and increased effectiveness as a therapist.

Learn the advantages of using a neuro-scientific approach to hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for brain change.

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Play the Brain for Change

Introductory Online Self-Study Course

Discover the secret ingredients for having brain-changing conversations.

In this introductory level course, get qualified to begin using Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®) with your clients right away to accelerate brain-based healing and transformation.

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Join Dr. Elizabeth live on Zoom for Brain-based Hypnotherapy Advanced

Are you ready to take your Neuroplastic healing skills to the next level?

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