Playing the brain for a change!


Brain-Based Coaching and Consulting

All too often individuals suffer in silence, struggling from problematic thinking, feeling or responding because they fear diagnostic labels, excessive costs or the shame/vulnerability that surface for some when seeking professional help. The very ways people think about psychology, psychiatry, therapy and mental illness come to effect utilization of services. What many people do not understand is that much has been learned about Neuroscience in the last decade that will help us change the brain. Therefore, help and hope are available.

MindWorks Psychology, LLC , founded by Dr. Elizabeth Michas, is a company that provides education and training for the lay public to demystify and de-stigmatize the workings of the human brain. By teaching in a simple, yet practical, non-judgmental, creative, light-hearted way how to face the challenges of everyday life with tools to work with your mind and understand your brain to get transformational change and lasting results.

MindWorks Psychology is unique in that it offers Brain-Based Coaching Services, involving step-by-step instruction on neuroscience to promote rapid changes in emotions, behaviors, thoughts to achieve optimal nervous system balance, stress proof your brain and body, reach peak performance in career and relationship.

Heart Broken or Love Stuck? Get Unstuck!

MindWorks Psychology offers brain-based coaching and consulting to clear heartbreak. Utilizing Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI)® to erase painful emotions of love gone wrong. Relationship and Date Coaching services are also available to assist you in removing any emotional blocks to finding healthy, satisfying relationships. The coaching process is to clarify the specific qualities of your special someone, gain skills and an action plan to find them. Heartbreak proof your journey to love!

Professional Trainings

MindWorks Psychology, LLC also offers materials, training, consultation and supervision for mental health professionals. Our training emphasizes state-of-the-art, neuroscience research to practice methods for the most efficacious treatments of mental disorders as well as problems of everyday living such as grief, loss, heartbreak, and problematic habits. Learn the advantages of thinking and practicing as a Neuropsychotherapist. Set yourself apart from others that are just doing the “how was your week” psychotherapy and learn the research-based keys to a brain changing conversation.

We offer Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI)®, basic and advanced brain-based hynotherapy training, and specialty training for using neuroscience to clear heartbreak.

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