Playing the brain for a change!

Brain-Based Hypnotherapy Training Bundle



Includes both Basic and Advanced Training Courses

Recent neuroscience breakthroughs have mental health providers interested in becoming versed and skilled in brain-based psychotherapy. Plan to get comfortably skilled in what there is to do in therapy sessions facilitated by hypnosis after learning some key neuroscience concepts. Explore ways to reach the Emotional Brain (new neuroscience term for subconscious) in your work as a psychotherapist for more rapid, deeper, and lasting change in your clients.

Understand more about how and why hypnosis is the ideal accompaniment for teaching clients about how the mind works and it’s relationship to the brain and body. Specific emphasis will be on the review of history, concepts, definitions and misconceptions of hypnosis, ethical use, diagnostic considerations, and how language (words) and imagery (pictures) influence the emotional brain. This basic introductory level workshop will be both didactic and experiential with an emphasis on acquiring neuroscience background for implementing hypnosis skills to use in your clinical practice.

Advanced Brain-based Hypnotherapy training, an option for those with prior hypnosis basics training that desire more time to hone advanced skills. Mindful awareness to breathing, counting, sensations and other focal-fixation points are frequently utilized by practitioners in their interventions to calm brain and nervous system.

NOTE: Includes 50 CE Credits.


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