Playing the brain for a change!

A Quick Way To Explain The Whole Brain

A Quick Way To Explain The Whole Brain-01

Many people speak about the brain as having parts. In fact, it has specific hemispheres and key areas—BOTTOM, MIDDLE, and TOP—that can be targeted to harness neuroplasticity. As a therapist, you want to influence a client’s BOTTOM brain. That’s how you create lasting change. Most psychotherapists use talk therapy, which works with the TOP brain. […]

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What is Neuroplasticity?


Neuroplasticity. As a therapist, you need to understand this term especially when conceptualizing problems and planning client interventions. You can use neuroscience in your practice for better results. Understanding neuroplasticity provides the key to creating fast and lasting change for your clients. The concept of rewiring your brain can be seen in the media and […]

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The Exciting Results of My Work with NICABM

I’ve been busy but have not been blogging.  I was just looking at my last post, and it’s been close to two years since I shared the news with you that I had joined my fellow licensed psychologist, Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD, President of The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM) […]

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Hypnotherapy Advanced Training


“Give the breath a hand” – Brain-based Hypnotherapy (advanced training) December 4, 2015 Mindful awareness to breathing, counting, sensations and other focal-fixation points are frequently utilized by practitioners in their interventions to calm brain and nervous system. In this training, we’ll explore the benefits of hypnotic relaxation interventions to target an increase in brain responsiveness […]

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Hypnotherapy Workshop

Hypnotherapy Workshop August 28-30, 2015 Come learn the advantages of using a neuro-scientific approach to hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for brain change. Dr. Michas will review the basics of hypnosis, plus illuminate the keys to a brain-changing conversation and playing the whole brain for transformation. Understand more about how and why hypnosis is the […]

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