Playing the brain for a change!

Hypnotherapy Workshop

Hypnotherapy Workshop August 28-30, 2015

Come learn the advantages of using a neuro-scientific approach to hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for brain change. Dr. Michas will review the basics of hypnosis, plus illuminate the keys to a brain-changing conversation and playing the whole brain for transformation. Understand more about how and why hypnosis is the ideal accompaniment for teaching clients about how the mind works and it’s relationship to the brain and body. Specific emphasis will be on the review of history, concepts, definitions and misconceptions of hypnosis, ethical use, diagnostic considerations, and how language (words) and imagery (pictures) influence the emotional brain. This basic introductory level course will be both didactic and experiential with an emphasis on acquiring neuroscience background for implementing hypnosis skills to use in your clinical practice. Dr. Michas will emphasize exactly what to do in sessions to maximize therapist directed neuroplasticity, and emotional pain intervention. See and experience how and why integrative tools such as hypnotherapy boost therapy efficacy by as much as 70%. You can begin integrating these brain-based methods into sessions immediately to maximize evidence-based results, satisfied clients, and increased effectiveness as a therapist.

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